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Over the Stile

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Norfolk Black Turkeys and turkey poults for sale

Norfolk Black Turkeys for saleThe Black Turkey is the oldest breed of turkey in this country and is believed to have been introduced to England via Spain as far back as the 1500s. Black turkeys became popular with the farmers in East Anglia and especially Norfolk. Over the years the breed was refined and became known as the Norfolk Black Turkey, because of its popularity in Norfolk. The Norfolk Black that has developed over the centuries through selective breeding is now recognised as English in origin. Indeed it was reintroduced to America in the 1600s where it was crossed with the Eastern Wild Turkey, as a result the Slate, Narragansett and Bronze all developed from these initial crossings. In many ways the Norfolk Black can be regarded as being the father of many of the modern turkey breeds.

The Norfolk Black has a pleasant temperament and if raised from a small poult will readily identify with its owner. The poults are very sweet with black bodies and white faces and pinkish beaks. They will, however, develop into medium sized jet black turkeys that are ideal either as a pet around the garden or as the perfect table bird for Christmas or Thanksgiving or indeed any time of the year. Easy to keep, bred upon this Island, tasty and traditional the Norfolk Black is the premier turkey of Great Britain.

Day Old Chicks - £8.50 each

If you are interested in any of the turkey poults we have for sale, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Norfolk Black Turkeys for saleNorfolk Black Turkeys for sale Norfolk Black Turkeys for sale

Norfolk Black Turkeys and turkey poults for sale from Over the Stile, a smallholding in East Sussex.